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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ecstatic Vision

Fabio again, sending in some amazing space-psych......yes, I know this one "Raw Rock Fury" and I concur that it is a fine effort.


The space rockers return with the smell of bad drugs and brown acid gone wrong. Punky attitude and a production that keeps the rawness alive, this is a no holds descent into the cosmos with rockets engines cranked up into overdrive ….. no-one gets out of here alive! ~ Tony Maim (Black Insect LaughterStoner HiVe)!6B5n0YRD!8FN4RQan9Ddin51yORWxdg

Philadelphia's heavy psych quartet ECSTATIC VISION return with their 2nd LP Raw Rock Fury. Raw Rock Fury exhibits the band locking in on primordial, troglodyte Detroit rock grooves, krautian motorik sounds that recall the obscure one-time collaboration between NEU and the MC5, grimy harmonica flourishes that evoke Beefheart at his most savage, and the Hawkwindian, primal world heavy psych their debut expertly showcased. All of this is captured on four songs and 35+ minutes of the dirtiest sounding recordings since Kick Out The Jams. Do you miss the days when rock recordings were dangerous? If so, you must crave Raw Rock Fury.


released April 7, 2017 

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