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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Making sure you're still paying attention

A few years back, a reader named Jonman sent me a killer comp of Three Dog Night covers, I think it was the first of the many cover projects that I would post......anyway, here are the original hit singles from that band, some good ("Family of Man', "Eli's Coming"), some awful ("Joy to the World", "Black and White") question these boyos dominated top 40 radio for a LONG while in the early 70's......I know some of you won't like a break from the doom-rock and shoegaze, but I used to have a commitment to variety, and
this represents nothing if not that!

COMPLETE HIT SINGLES-01 One/02 Try a Little Tenderness/03 Easy to Be Hard/04 Eli's Coming/05 Celebrate/06 Mama Told Me Not to Come/07 Out in the Country/08 One Man Band/09 Joy to the World/10 Liar/11 An Old-Fashioned Love Song/12 Never Been To Spain/13 The Family of Man/14 Black and White/15 Pieces of April/16 Shambala/17 Let Me Serenade You/18 The Show Must Go On/19 Sure as I'm Sittin Here/20 Play Something Sweet/21 Til the World Ends

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