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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In Tua Nua

One more for today, some vintage 1980's new wave stuff from Ireland's In Tua Nua......pretty rare
and pretty good, kind of a Bowie-Roxy sound melded with some traditional Irish Folk, all with a good chick usual when I drag out these 80's gems, this is a good one, so don't miss even if unfamiliar

VAUDEVILLE-01 Seven Into the Sea/02 Right Road to Heaven/03 Love/04 No Solution/05 Valuable Lesson/06 Heaven Can Wait/07 Voice of America/08 Rain/09 Pearl of Dreams/10 Walking On Glass/11 Vaudeville


  1. Thank for this scott.this brings back to the dublin rock scene of the 80s.seen in tua nua a few times live and what a great live band they where and in leslie dowdall.who was a babe wit a great they did not make it to be bigger than they where i will never know.who are right this album is well worth checking out.thanks again scott.

  2. In Tua Nua. really a great band and sur you let remind me of a far time when i have a good relationship with my hair. what difference with the present when all my hair have decided to divorce me

    Sorta of a little more tamed Banshees ... but with great musicianship!!! As always great discovery Here.
    Thanks Scott!
    I'm procastinating on listening to new Hawkwind...