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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mega Sons of Garage Fuzz Part 14

Keeping em coming until the end, today we have Volume 14, Letter O......thanks again to James for
creating the torrents I used on this series as well as the first Garage Fuzz series. Glad you guys like this stuff so much, I do too, nothing beats some good ol' Nugget rock.

VOLUME 14-01 OCTOBER COUNTRY-My Girlfriend is a Witch/02 OHIO EXPRESS-Try It/03 OLD EXCITING SCOTT RICHARD CASE-Get the Picture/04 OLIVERS-I Saw What You
Did/05 ONE WAY STREET-Joy and Sorrow/06 OPUS FIVE-Going Home/07 ORGANIZED CONFUSION-Tell Me Why/08 ORIGINAL SURFERS-She's My Baby/09 OTHER HALF-Mr Pharmacist/10 OTHER SIDE OF TIME-This Must Be the End/11 OUT OF ORDER-It's Alright/12 OUTCASTS-Loving You Sometimes/13 OUTLAWS-Fun Fame and Fortune/14 OUTSIDERS-Summertime Blues (live)/15 OUTSIDERS-What Makes You So Bad/16 OXFORD CIRCLE-Foolish Woman

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