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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Another new release

New from Julianna Hatfield, we have "Pussycat", a tremendous effort.....perhaps her best......I've always loved Liz Phair/Bif Naked type of chick singer-writers, but Julianna blow the roof off with this one.....her voice is sweet and her writing is sharp (check "When You're a Star", about date rape, and the rocking "Sex Machine")......was REALLY surprised by how good this one is, but it really is.

Also, I'd maybe act quickly. Just saying.

PUSSYCAT-01 I Wanna Be Your Disease/02 Impossible Song/03 You're Breaking My Heart/04 When You're a Star/05 Good Enough For Me/06 Short Fingered/07 Touch You Again/08 Sex Machine/09 Wonder Why/10 Sunny Somewhere/11 Kellyanne/12 Heartless/13 Rhinocerous/14 Everything is Forgiven

just a wonderful album.......hope you take a chance if you aren't a fan of her previous work.....this is great.

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