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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New from a great Ohio band

It is the curse of the Afghan Whigs that they peaked EARLY in their career, releasing the 5-star brilliant "Gentlemen" and then spending the rest of a carer trying to match it (Love and Moby Grape had similar career patterns).....not to say, however, that they haven't put out some killer material in the meantime, including the new "In Spades"......the Whigs were/are an underappreciated band, this is the best they've done in some time. I recommend.

01. Birdland.mp3
02. Arabian Heights.mp3
03. Demon In Profile.mp3
04. Toy Automatic.mp3
05. Oriole.mp3
06. Copernicus.mp3
07. The Spell.mp3
08. Light As A Feather.mp3
09. I Got Lost.mp3
10. Into The Floor.mp3

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