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Monday, March 27, 2017

B-52's Boot 1982

The B52's are a band that at least I don't see booted that often, for some reason........they were stellar live imo, this is a VERY early set here, 1982, before "Love Shack" and all those other dance/pop gems......their early stuff was fab as well, this includes the great "Lava Lamp", (My Fave) "Dance This Mess Around" and the incredible "Rock Lobster".........really fun and underappreciated band of those wild early 80's

01 Party/02 Give Me Back My Man/03 Planet Claire/04 Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can/05 Lava Lamp/06 Messopotamia/07 6060842/08 52 Girls/09 Dance This Mess Around/10 Rock Lobster

A good early show from a really great band in my estimation!

1 comment:

  1. I was lukewarm on the B-52's until I heard a few live sets from the early years.

    This is a band you have to hear live before you get it.