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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Kids

You never know what'll you'll find when looking for something else.......who remembers early 80's power-
pop whizzes The Kids? Well, not many, judging upon the sparse amount of information available on the web in reference to them.......not much at all. However, this is a fair album, VERY typical 80's power pop, lots of synths and crunchy guitars, It's a good album, if you are a fan of that vintage 80's sound, one of the few good sounds that particular kidney stone of a decade could produce for us!

01I Needed You
02Do You Want Me Tonight?
03She's Mine
04Everybody's Girl
05Finer Things
06Too Many Days
07Victim Of Hypocracy
08Show Me
09Your Eyes
10Roses On Monday
11He's Number One

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