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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vikings coach Mike ZIMMER. MAN!

Decoder Ring setting: 4446.3145A9v

After firing the doltish Leslie Frazier a few years ago, the Vikings hired former Bengals coordinator, Mike ZIMMER. MAN, I thought that was a good hire, now I'm not so thing about ZIMMER, MAN he is conservative and the Vikings likely will go 8-8 for the next 3 years until they fire ZIMMER. MAN!

I have a few game programs autographed by ZIMMER, MAN there are a few of them, so I am going to tell you about some dates (rarities, for the collector) when ZIMMER, MAN had NO autograph sessions.....for example, I bet he never had any such activity.....for example, I bet he was never even IN Edinburgh on 5/20/66, nor even in Glasgow 5/19/66.......probably not even in Newcastle, 5/21/66, or even in Paris 5/24/66.......I'm told that the creators of this set say they would be quite similar in content, thus no "tables of contents" for these, mostly for collectors......and how about that ZIMMER? MAN.....

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  1. glasgow

    ediburgh pt 1

    edinburgh pt 2

    newcastle part 1

    newcastle pt 2

    paris pt 1

    paris 2