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Monday, March 27, 2017

Sea Fuzz

From John N come a trio of recordings from Sea Fuzz, good distorted shoe-gazing rock n roll the way it sounds today.....first we have "Groovin With the Eternal Now", a fine EP from 2014 which I wish I had heard earier....

GROOVIN-01 Waves/02 Weightless/03 Sunset/04 Bocce Ball/05 Anenomes/06 Wash/07 Sky Cowboys

Next from 2015 comes the "Sea Fuzz" EP:

SEA FUZZ-01 Shores/02 Superimtelligence/03 Fluidity/04 Eternal Wind/05 Formless

And, from right now up to the fab "Skygazing", MORE spacey trippy modern day psych

SKY GAZING-01 Beach Buzz!/02 Sun Gazing/03 Cloud in the Sky/04 Nowhere to Go/05 Breeze/06 Garuda Dreams/07 Mind Voyager/08 Rainbow Light

I recommend all three, great spacey rock somewhat a modernized Hawkwind, a compliment.


  1. sea fuzz

    sky gazing


  2. THUMBS UP!!! Thanks John and Scott.