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Saturday, March 25, 2017


A couple of albums from girly punk-pop outfit 2003/04......Noelle Le Blanc's little girl vocals are
great.....fairly unknown albums, they sound great today......check especailly from "Out Here All Night".......neithr album a classic, but both most enjoyable to listen to!

"From the Attic"

1.      Frustrated Unnotice
2.      Your Girlfriend
3.      Up to You
4.       Feel Bad Vibe
5.       Overchay With Me
6.       On My Mind
7        Car Was Romance
8.        Driveway Blues
9.       At The Mall
10      You and I
11       Leave Me Alone


  1. Now Is the Time
  2. Out Here All Night
  3. What We Came Here For
  4. Stabbed in the Heart
  5. On Your Speakers
  6. Get Up and Go
  7. Outta My Way
  8. You're the One
  9. New Change of Heart
  10. When You Live
  11. Tonight
  12. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover)


Out Here All Night


  1. Shot in the dark here, but since Damone was a Massachusetts area band, have you ever heard of The DIFF? They were mildly successful in the early '80s. I saw they had a single on Bandcamp from when they were active but I can find NOTHING else about the band or recorded by them.

    Anyone else heard of them or have anything by them?

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