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Monday, March 6, 2017

Demented are GO!

Some UK garage/psychobilly from the mid 1990's.....I may have posted this before, but I don't think so, and it's a good one, containing "Pervy in the Park" and "Satan's Rejects", among a lot more.........this is a good comp and is likely the best method to be introduced to Demented Are Go.........take it from Scott, you'll like this one!

1Pervy In The Park2:252(I Was Born On A) Busted Hymen3:103Holy Hack Jack2:134Pickled And Preserved2:025Transvestite Blues3:266PVC Chair1:597Nuke Mutants2:548Satans Reject4:009Cripple In The Woods3:3010Call Of The Wired2:4811Surf Ride To Oblivion2:2212Shadow Crypt4:0913Human Slug2:3014Sick Spasmoid1:5015Country Women3:2316One Sharp Knife3:4117Brain Damaged Chile2:0918Flight 1033:00


  1. Letting go Guana Batz... this is my fave psychobilly band.

  2. Thanks for this scott.what a great band.

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