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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Scott's Mega-Sons of Garage Fuzz, Part 11

Back with another chapter culled from the torrents created by James B, tonight we present the letter L, a
good one with 40 tracks and, as stressed before, no overlap with the first "Garage Fuzz" series.....thanks again to James for creating these, and thanks to YOU for making these so popular......great stuff on these, and the best thing is the almost total lack of layups.......MUCH more rare material than any torrent I can recall.

PART 11-01 LARRY & THE PAPER PROPHETS-Don't Mess Around/02 LARRY MACK-Last Day of the Dragon/03 LARRY'S REBELS-Painter Man/04 LAST WORD-Can't Stop Loving You/05 LAST WORD-Mor'een/06 LAST WORD-Runnin' and Hidin'/07 LAWSON & 4 MORE-Halfway Down the Stairs/08 LEATHER BOY-I'm a Leather Boy/09 LEATHER PAGES-Accept Me For What I Am/10 LEATHER PAGES-The News is Out/11 LEFT BANKE-Lazy Day/12 LEGENDS-Baby Get Your Head Screwed On/13 LENNY ROBERTS-We're Gonna Be In Love/14 LES SAUTERELLES-Janet/15 LIGHT- Back Up/16 LINCOLN STREET EXIT-The Bummer/17 LINCOLNS-Come Along and Dream/18 LINCOLNS-Girl/19 LINDY BLAKESY &
THE LAVELLES-Sweets For My Sweet/20 LINK WRAY & THE RAYMEN- Hidden Charms/21 LITTER-Blue Ice/22 LITTER-Legal Matter/ 23 LITTER-Mindbreaker/24 LITTER-Rack My Mind/25 LITTER-Somebody/26 LITTLE BOY BLUES-The Great Train Robbery/27 LITTLE BOY BLUES-It's Only You/28 LITTLE GULLIVER & THE CHILDREN-I Was Bewitched/29 LIVELY ONES-Too Many Lies/30 LIVERPOOL FIVE-I Just Can't Believe It/31 LIV'IN END-She's a Teaser/32 LONDON DRI-Life In Your Hands/ 33 LONELY SOULS-I Can't Stop Now/34 LONG ISLAND RALE RODE-Think Love/35 LORD CHARLES & THE PROPHETS-Don't Ask No Questions/36 LOS PEYOTES-Cry Baby/37 LOST AGENCY-Time To Dream/38 LOVEGRASS-All Around Me/39 LOVING DARKS-Mi Imposible/40 LYRICS- Mr. Man