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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Love.....Boot UK 1970

On eof my fave of all bands wasLove, especially the singer/lyracist Arthur Lee.......speak of musical genius....By the time of this record, most of Lees's mates were agone, but this still sounds bonus is the band rarely performed the slammer-jammer "August" live, and here it is!  Long Live Arthur Lee and Love, one of the greatest of all US bands!

LIVE IN UK 1970-01 Good Times/02 August/03 My Little Red Book/04 Nothing/05 Orange Skies/06 Andmoreagain/07 Gather Round/08 Bummer in the Summer/09 Singing Cowboy/10 Signed DC/11 Love Is More Than Words

btw If you don't know
Lee/Love, this is about 2% of the GREAT stuff (look up "Forever Changes", a lot of people's fave album ever, including my own.

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