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Friday, March 3, 2017

Los Bastardos Findlandeses

Here is the second of a handful of LP's by Helsinki Finland's Los Bastardos Finlandeses, "return of El Diablo".....HOW DO WE SLOT THIS ONE? Kind redneck/biker rock, all fast and loud though, it's a pretty good one, the only one I have however, so if anyone can fill in a gap or stuff, think maybe Nashville Pussy from Finland?

RETURN OF EL DIABLO-01 Red Eye'd Rock N Roller/02 Houseful of Hooligans/03 Broken Down Mojo/04 Return of El Diablo/05 White Knuckles/06 Ny Name is El Muerte/07 El grande Boogie/08 Dizzy Miss Mess/09 Gung! Ho!/10 flying Bottle/11 Bravado/12 My Way to Hell

"Houseful of Hooligans' is my fave but you can find a ton of great stuff on this wonderful album.
Would love to hear the other albums, just sayin........

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  1. Hi Scott, go to
    They have links to another 3 or 4 albums by this band