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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wall of Voodoo

A kinda goofy 1980's new wave band appears here in a pair of albums....."Call of the West" features the
legendary "Mexican Radio", while "Dark Continent" features their best track the ominous "Back In Flesh"....Fans of 80's new wave, come n get it, these are two albums you must here!

CALL OF THE WEST-01 Tomorrow/02 Lost Weekend/03 Factory/04 Look At Their Way/05 Hands of Love/06 Mexican Radio/07 Spy World/08 They Don't Want Me/09 On Interstate 15/10 Call of The West

DARK CONTINENT-11 Red Light/12 Two Minutes To Lunch/13 Animal Day/14 Full of Tension/15 Me and My Dad/16 Back In Flesh/17 Tse Tse Fly/18Call Box/19 This Way Out/20 Good Times/21 Wreck the Bell

You'll like this one if unfamiliar!


  1. Fronted by the wonderful Stan Ridgway, of Camouflage fame.

  2. They do a cool cover of "Ring of Fire"

  3. Great stuff. Thanks for jogging my memory!