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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Pin Group

Interesting submittal from John N is this anthology of the complete works of the (Joy Division-influenced) Pin Group.......I know a tiny bit about them only, this album is really good, RIFYL Joy Division obviously, really's a bio from someone more knowledgeable than me......

The first signing of the legendary New Zealand label Flying Nun, Christchurch-based noise pop triothe Pin Group, teamed singer/guitarist Roy Montgomery, bassist Ross Humphrey, and drummerPeter Stapleton. Their 1981 debut single, the Joy Division-influenced "Ambivalence," was the first release on Flying Nun, issued in an edition of 300 copies; the follow-up, "Coat," appeared later that same year. After a 1982 EP, The Pin Group Go to Town, the band dissolved when Montgomery traveled to London for a year-long studyPROGRAM; he and Stapleton later renewed their collaboration as members of drone merchants Dadamah, with the complete Pin Group lineup reuniting in 1992 to record a one-off single, "Eleven Years After."

AMBIVALENCE-01 Jim/02 Ambivalence/03 Coat/04 Long Night/05 Columbia/06 Hurricane Fighter/07 Power/08 Ambivalence/09 when I Tell You/10 A Thousand Sins/11 Low Rider (War Song)/12 Coat/13  (Live set, Christchurch NZ)  Jim/14 Ambivalence/15 Power/16 Assassin/17 Blood of Christ/18 Columbia/19 Coat

part 1

part 2


  1. Thanks a lot for this, never heard it before, even though I am a big fan of early Flying Nun! Anything w/Roy Montgomery or Peter Stapleton involved is bound to be very good to excellent!