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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Oi! punk from Italy.....Fabio sends this, with the following description:

The  Fathers of  apolitical OI! In Italy.
Steno said: in early 80s in Bologna you can make a punk band or you can shoot heroine in your veins... we made both things.
I ve seen their reunions live and I swear ... no great musicians, but men who have made History.

SCOTT: Actually uncertain as to which album we have here, thus no tracklist........can you identify the album, Fabio?


  1. in their heyday NABAT have released 2 EPs and 1 Album "Un altro giorno di Gloria". after the reunion various archival issues (vol.1, vol.2, campane a stormo) 1 live album "Live alla Morara" and 1 studio album "Nati per niente". this one is a 2005 re-issue of the EP "Asociale OI!" (1982) + other Reliquiam of the period. SKINHEAD PUNK! I've the NABAT logo tattoed on my arm from back in the days...

  2. not grat intellectual values here... RIOT, Alcohol, Frustration, Tattos, Anti-politics, soccer... The very first RUSTY guitars of this kind Ever Listened in Italy

  3. 01 scenderemo nelle strade
    02 Asociale OI!
    03 Fotti i Poseurs
    04 Nichilistaggio
    05 No Armi
    06 Laida Bologna
    07 kill Police
    08 nichilist Nabat
    09 Skins & Punks
    10 un altro giorno di Gloria
    11 zombi rock
    12 laida Bologna (version)
    13 Legioni ad orologeria
    14 Generazione '82
    15 un altro giorno di gloria (Version)
    16 ti sei fermato ad ascoltare mai?
    17 Tempi Nuovi
    18 Nabat
    19 Italia degli Sfruttati