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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Runaways

The Runaways were a tremendously talented band.....that is, if your idea of talent is teenage girls shaking
their denim and leather clad asses.......or if your idea of talent is raccoon eyeliner clad, constantly sneering teenage wannabe nymphs......or if your idea of talent is teen girls getting all hot n sweaty and belting out lyrics like "Come and get it, boys" other words, they were MY KIND OF BAND!

Critically hated, but not nearly that bad, they Runaways were a lot of fun with their punk/metal racket and style-over substance personas.....we have four albums here for your approval....the self titled debut, with the infamous "Cherry Bomb"......."Live in Japan", where they were gigantic........"Queens of Noise", with it's cool title track, "Heartbeat", and "Playin' With Fire"......and "Waitin' On the Night", with the rocking "Little Sister", "Wasted", and (especially) "School Days".......they were MUCH more than a joke band (as they are kind of remembered), they were a fucking fab 1970's rock n roll band, and Lita Ford was a goddess.

Anyway, LOVE me some Runaways!

THE RUNAWAYS-01 Cherry Bomb/02 You Drive Me Wild/03 Is It Day or Night/04 Thunder/05 Rock N Roll/06 Lovers/07 American Nights/08 Blackmail/09 Secrets/10 Dead End Justice

LIVE IN JAPAN-01 Queens of Noise/02 California Paradise/03 All Right of You Guys/04 Wild Thing/05
Gettin' Hot/06 Rock N Roll/07 You Drive Me Wild/08 Neon Angel on the Road to Ruin/09 I Wanna Be where the Boys Are/10 Cherry Bomb/11 American Nights/12 C'mon

QUEENS OF NOISE-01 Queens of Noise/02 Take It or Leave it/03 Midnight Music/04 Born to Bad/05  Neon Angel on the Road to Ruin/06 I Love Playin With Fire/07 California Paradise//08 Hollywood/09 Heartbeat/10 Johnny Guitar

WAITIN ON THE NIGHT-01 Little Sister/02 Wasted/03 Gotta Get Out Tonight/04 Wait For Me/05 Fantasies/06 School Days/07 Trash Can Murders/08 Dont Go Away/09 Waitin' For the Night/10 You're Too Possesive


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  2. Enjoyed your write-up of this band. Made me laugh. Basically the Monkees, if the Mondkees were hot young teen jailbait...

  3. hell yeah!!!!!!!! they were so good!!! give us more!!!!=)=)=)

  4. You are correct bad!