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Monday, March 6, 2017

yeah yeah yeah's EP's and more

OK, this is a pair of EP's "Machine" and "maps', both quite good, but the find here is "Karen o at
home".....not one that will go into heavy rotation, but an interesting demo that I think is a bit hard to find .....EP's are fab, in fact "Maps" contains a Peel session of my fave YYY's song  "Miles Away'......The "karen O at home is kind of a curiosity, that a fan would likely want.

MACHINE EP-01 Machine/02 Graveyard/03 PIN (Remix)

MAPS EP-04 Maps/05 Countdown/06 Miles Away (Peel Session)

KAREN O AT HOME-tracks 07-20 Untitled

these are all tied to one link, and will also fit on one disc


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