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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


The other day I posted another album by this crew, crazy Hawkwind-like space/psych, and damn good too.....well a search of their Bandcamp turns up another goodie, 2006's "And We Shall Call Him Joseph".....more of the fabulous distorted vocals and fuzzy instrumentation common in the music of this scene.......some kind of smart-guy conceptual affair going on here, soon as I figure it out we can compare notes I reckon!
1Opening Scene: A Hollow Star Descends.
2Scene Two: Joseph And The Divine Intervention Of The Recreational Center4:06
3Scene Three: Fishes Vs. Lines3:04
4Scene Four: Bridgett Foutainhead3:45
5Scene Five: Farmers Can Be Jedi, Too.4:56
6Scene Six: The Paradigm Of The Introvert...4:46
7Scene Seven: During Dinner At The Irritation Canals...2:33
8Scene Eight: He Could Not Save Her From The Cold Blade In The Pale Moonlight.4:50
9Scene Nine: The Funeral For Martha Bigsby...3:52
10Scene Ten: There Are Still Stains From The Tears.5:10
11Closing Scene: Timothy's Militia (How To Blow Up A Candy Factory)5:31

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