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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Heavy Balloon

Heavy Balloon were a male/female duo long before it was fashionable, releasing a few albums incuding this, "32000 Pounds of Heavy Balloon"......both members trade vocals to good semi-blues effect....highlights: "Sixteen Tons"......."Owed to Sgt. Pepper", and MY fave, a desecration of "I Don't Need No Doctor".......this ones been around a bit (ca. 1971) and you know how I feel about that era..........jump in a good, dated, semi-classic album!

32000 POUNDS OF HEAVY BALLOON-01 Barnyard Blues/02 On My Way Down/03 My Very Own Sweetheart/04 TC Topcat Blues/05 Sixteen Tons/06 Lead Zeppelin/07 I Don't Need No Doctor/08 Owed to Sgt. Pepper/09 Action