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Monday, March 6, 2017


Up for some punked-up, Japanese language doom metal? Well, here are your lads for certain (I refuse to type their name again. They've got a bunch of albums in Japan, seem fairly popular.....a bit hard to get info, I think this may have been their first, unsure. hard rocking though and good, unless you suffer from that anti-English language bias........This is quite a rewarding album.

THE GUM AT THE END OF THE SPEAR-01 A Theory of Signs/02 Tell Anyone/03 Fuminijire Yesterday/04 The Following Burial/05 All That Remains/06 Kou Nobu/07 Kakaware/08 Reticence Is Fear/09 M Is Not a Masochist/10 One After the Talk/11 Love That Burned/12 It Was a Lie

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