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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Suede Fan Club Disc

"See You In the Next Life" was put together, apparently, from a fan club of the band Suede, quite an underappreciated band who has been featured here several times. I don't think I've put this one up before, got some fairly rare stuff on it I think, Suede fans rejoice.......really, a labor of love and those are always worth checking out.

SEE YOU IN THE NEXT LIFE-01 She (Strings)/02 Elaine page/03 La Puissance/04 Lazy/05 By the Sea (Acoustic)/06 Indian Strings (Protocol Demo)/07 She's In Fashion (Protocol Demo)/08 Simon (Demo)/09 When the Rain Falls (Stanbridge Demo)/10 Untitled (Stanbridge Demo)/11 Attitude (Mick Jones Remix)

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