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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Scott's Son Of Garage-Fuzz Comp Part 10

Here we have the letter "K" in the garage fuzz series #2. I got an interesting email a couple weeks ago from
Hi Scott,
I've read you are looking for the creator of the Fuzz torrents,  well, it's me.

I would hang on to the overlap songs for your personal collection because I removed and replaced a lot of them with better sounding and quality.

It was a labor of love making the torrents and I thank you very much with sharing them with the world.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions about them.

How cool is that? Way appreciative James, you did an incredible job. I also got an email (unfortunately I have deleted) from some tool in one of the bands on Volume 7, I forget which. He was crying that the compilation was no good, and I spelled the name of his fucking band wrong.....what a dope, if your only claim to fame is some 50 year old single, be fucking GRATEFUL, jackass.......anyway, here is volume 10, more to come soon!

SON OF GARAGE FUZZ VOLUME 10-01 KARTUNE KAPERS-Knock On Wood/02 KAVALIERS- Congregation For Anti-Flirts Inc./03 KEITH ALLISON-Action, Action, Action/04 KEITH EVERETT-The Chant/05 KEMPY & THE GUARDIANS-Love For a Price/06 KENNY & THE CASUALS-I'm Not Talking/07 KENSINGTON FOREST-Movin' On/08 KHARMA-NSU/09 KIM FOWLEY-Something New and Different/10 KING FOX-Unforgotten Dreams/11 KINKS-Time Will Tell/12 KNACK-Time Waits For No One/13 KNICKERBOCKERS-High On Love/14 KORDS-Boris the Spider

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