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Monday, March 13, 2017

Buffalo Springfield Live & Rare

A fave of both mine and my Dad's, here is a disc I just ran across with a bunch of rarities........mostly for fans/completists, unless you've never heard the extended studio jam version of "Bluebird", to me, the "only" version.......I should put up my vinyl rips of my Dad's albums from this band, have to keep that in mind.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD SELL OUT-01 Bluebird (Long Version)/02 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (Demo)/03 Sell Out/04 Raga/05 Mr. Soul (Single Version)/06 For What It's Worth (Live)/07 Go And Say Goodbye (Live at Hunnington Beach)/08 Mr. Soul (Live At Hunnington Beach)/09 Bluebird (Live at Hunnington Beach)/10 Rock and Roll Woman (Live Dallas)/11 A Child's Claim to Fame (Live Dallas)/12 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (Live In Dallas)/13 Uno Mondo (Live in Dallas)/14 For What it's Worth (Live In Dallas)/15 Bluebird (Live In Dallas)/16 Bluebird (Long Version with Neil Young Guitar Overdubs Added)


  1. There are two albums in this file; the Buff Spring material and another band. Thx for the extras, just wonder who the other band is....

    1. The second album seem to be "The Launderettes ‎– Shaken And Disturbed " and i don't know this band before this mistake but it's realy good one (oh yeah in diferente way than Buffalo springfield more in Cramps looking but without the "Dirty sound" )

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