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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Some Velvet Underground cover material

Found these on another site (links were converted, blog will be named privately upon request).....The Velvet Underground were one of my favorite of all bands, and cover material, both good and bad, can be interesting......following a fairly standard tribute album, we have the much more interesting sounding French respect as the VU were one of the best!


  1. Nirvana – "Here She Comes Now"
  2. Swervedriver – "Jesus"
  3. Lee Ranaldo – "Stephanie Says (1.15.91)"
  4. Buffalo Tom – "All Tomorrow's Parties"
  5. New F.A.D.S. – "I'm Set Free"
  6. The Fatima Mansions – "Lady Godiva's Operation"
  7. James – "Sunday Morning"
  8. Eleventh Dream Day – "Ocean"
  9. Echo & the Bunnymen – "Foggy Notion"
  10. Screaming Trees – "What Goes On"
  11. The Wedding Present – "She's My Best Friend"
  12. Half Japanese – "I Heard Her Call My Name"
  13. The Mock Turtles – "Pale Blue Eyes"
  14. Ride – "European Son"

V.A. Les Enfants Du Velvet - French Tribute to The Velvet Underground

      01 RITA MITSOUKO- All Tomorrow's Parties
      02 MARC SEBERG-Venus In Furs
      03 TAXI GIRL-Je Reve encore de Toi (Stephanie Says)
      04 ETIENNE DAHO-Sunday Morning
      05 GRAZIELLA DE MICHELE-Sweet Jane
      06 ALISS TERRILL-I'll Be Your Mirror

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