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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hard Stuff

An old, early 70's fave of mine, hard Stuff were a fab power trio, with lots of Roxy Music and Atomic
Rooster ......They consisted of John Du Cann and Paul Hammond, late of Atomic Rooster, Harry Shaw, from Curiosiaty Shoppe, and of course bassist John Gustafson......these albums are more period pieces than classics, BUT there are some great songs here...."No Witch At All", "Roll A Rocket", the title track from "Bolex Dementia".......two great early 70's hard rocking efforts, if you love early 70's hard rock as I do, these are essential.

BULLETPROOF-01 Jay Time/02 Sinister Minister/03 No Witch At All/04 Taken Alive/05 Time Gambler/06 Millionaire/07 Monster In Paradise/08 Hobo/09 Mr Longevity RIP/10 The Provider Part 1

BOLEX DEMENTIA-01 Sick N Tired/02 Mermany/03 Jumpin' Thumpin' (Ain't That Somethin')/04 Dazzle Dizzy/05 Bolex Dementia/06 Roll a Rocket/07 Libel/08 Ragman/09 Spider's Web/10 Get Lost

Vinyl rips here if you care! Ya KNOW I DO!



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