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Sunday, July 10, 2016


[(Brian) - rescuing another good single upload from way back. Who doesn't need some more hardcore? And BTW, part 2 of the Dead Kennedys is long since dead, so please don't ask]

Yesterday someone asked for some DFL, I was as honest as I could be (ie: "I never heard of them"),
but I did investigate, DFL was a hardcore punk crew, ca. mid-1990's, ("Dead Fucking Last" in case you were wondering), early on the lineup seemed to consist of vocalist Tom Davis, guitarist/vocalist Monty Messex, bassist Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz of Beastie Boys fame, and drummer Tony Converse, with occasional drumming from also-Beastie Boy "Mike D" Diamond.

They released the albums "My Crazy Life" (1993), "Hurricane/DFL-America's Most Hardcore" (1994), "Proud to Be" (1995), and, according to which source you care to beleive, a few different cassette only or vinyl only issues......I DO know that after checking that they had a track on the "Punk O Rama" compilation that I posted long ago.

OK, so a check of Pirate bay yields us a copy of "Proud To Be", presented here in all it's glory.....what does it sound like? Well, basically Ramones-length (less than 2 minutes) blasts, 1980's west-coast hardcore style vocals (Germs/Black Flag/etc).....the unique factor seems to me, at least on this album, is that everything has that echo-ing production finish, very similar to the Beastie Boy's "Check Yer Head" album, and specifically the single "So What You Want?"

Gave the whole thing a listen this morning, not likely to become a big favorite any time soon, but I really do try to fill requests, in whatever limited capacity, if I can. Give it a listen, at the very least, if you don't like it, it won't take up too much of your day.

PROUD TO BE-01 Proud To Be/02 Word of Mouth/03 Lost Cause/04 Return of the Knucklehead/05 Mr Popular/06 Function at the Center/07 Home Is Where the Heart Is/08 Hit the Floor/09 Club Stupid/10 Minus Adam/11 Better Off Dead/12 SBGC/13 Free Haircut/14 Society's Pressure/15 Self Pity/16 Action Everybody/17 Sourpuss/18 Insane Authority/19 Good Cop, Bad Cop/20 What's the Difference/21 (BONUS) Thought Control (From Punk-O-Rama Compilation)



  2. Thank you so much Big Scott! You are the best!