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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Doors Part 20 (!) of many-

As ya know, I've been down for a while, but if you think some miserable cunt-bitch can shut this blog down (that was ACTUALLY her fucking intent because she knows how much it means to me), sorry, no way.....I know I still need to wrap up the Elliott Smith thing, and  I (believe it or not) have a "Disc 4" in the works of (one of my fave projects ever) the "What Is Heavy Metal?" thing (Oh, shut up, you know my choices are spot-on!)......anyway, I also made a vow to complete this Doors thing, and I will....there is STILL quite a bit left to go, and we'll  get there, together........

This is another interview disc (2002 "The Lost Interview Tapes Part 2").......haven't listened, may not, we'll see, these interviews were conducted by Salli Stevenson, there are 41 tracks here, each of which has a "title" so to speak, and there is no fucking way I am typing them all out, sorry. Suffice to say if you are a Dooars fanatic, you'll be digging this as much as the previous stuff......Morrison, no matter what else you want to say about him, was always without question a fascinating interview subject, as I am sure you will continue to see here.

Just once again, thanks to everyone for sticking around while I tried to sort out my personal life, you really don't understand how much this blog means to WORLDS BEST team of helpers kept it alive for me while cunt-bitch attempted to destroy it, but this thing is bigger than me, bigger than you, and certainly bigger than cunt-bitch. I love my readers, and I love my wonderful team of helpers, and I love doing this long as I am above ground, I intend to keep it here.




  2. GREAT BLOG. Havent been here for ages.maybe 12 months. Loving the Dub Reggae Comps.

    Best wishes to you