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Friday, July 8, 2016

Close to the Wire

Jonder's third volume of Wire covers returns to the Japanese tribute album Post Flag (tracks 11-16).   I also got some songs from Soundcloud, (#22), and sugarmegs (#25). 

I love the way "Fragile Mystery" interpolates the Wipers' song "Mystery"!   The band Meat Wave recently covered "Mystery" too.
Los Sedantes have a lovely album that is free on Bandcamp, with covers of Joy Division's "Heart And Soul", Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" and "Bela Lugosi's Dead":

I edited out the "Bobby Moore Is Innocent" half of the Serious Drinking track.  Once again, you can find "Real Cool Time: Feelies Covers, 1977-2011" at

01 CALLERS - Heartbeat/ 02 TREMBLING BLUE STARS - Kidney Bingos/ 03 THE GRAYS - Outdoor Miner/ 04 CASPER BRONZE - Fragile Mystery/ 05 pHOAMING EDISON - The 15th/ 06 DR. KLOOT - Strange/ 07 PHRANQ - I Am The Fly/ 08 ROY MONTGOMERY - Used To/ 09 GRASS WIDOW - Mannequin/ 10 BOSS HOG - 12XU/ 11 AND ABOUT HERS - Mr. Suit/ 12 HARUKAZEDOU - 106 Beats That/ 13 FLUID - Straight Line/ 14 TOTSUZEN DANBALL - Ex Lion Tamer/ 15 ACCIDENTS IN TOO LARGE FIELD - Feeling Called Love/ 16 YOLZ IN THE SKY - Pink Flag/ 17 KUSTOMIZED - A Question Of Degree/ 18 FILL SPECTRE - Field Day For The Sundays/ 19 SERIOUS DRINKING - 12XU/ 20 DUSTMITES - Strange/ 21 LOS SEDANTES - The 15th/ 22 CASPER AND THE COOKIES - Dot Dash (live)/ 23 ELEVENTH DREAM DAY - Lowdown (live)/ 24 THE FEELIES - Mannequin (live)/ 25 SALEM 66 - Fragile (live)/ 26 TED LEO - Outdoor Miner (live)/ 27 PHAEDRIDER - Heartbeat



    See you next week with Vol.4...

  2. I followed Wire's career ever since Chairs Missing and I luv em' to bits.
    I didn't think there was a need for Wire covers but some of these are actually really good.
    Thank you for the work you put into this post and this blog in general.

  3. I see you had posted some Bif Naked back in 2011.Could you repost those again?Thanks.

    The first three Wire albums are pretty special.