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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Madame Angela presents Tibetan Monk Chanting

(scott)- Something once again that you may be unfamiliar with, ala the Singing Bowls, Madame Angela
takes time from her busy schedule to submit some cerimonial chanting from The Sherab Ling Monks of Tibet.

(angie) these are chants that are performed to raise the energy levels in order to be closer to spirit for honoring the Tibetan Monk's Gods. When I saw them perform live in Columbus Ohio at the Universal Light Expo (2008), it was the greatest cultural experience I have ever felt. I honestly wish I were one of them, as I love the simplicity of their lifestyle, as well as their oneness with their spirits.

I hope you enjoy this, listening with an open mind and ear can take one to many varied places.

01 Mahamudra Lineage Prayer and Meditation (angie: this is to honor and connect with the departed0
02 Mahakala Puja-Invocation and Offering to Mahakala-(angie: this is an effort to absorb the energy of
          Mahakala, and in return they offer their song)
03 Mahakala Puja-Recieving Blessings & Dedicating the Merit to World Peace & Harmony (angie: this
     a prayer to Mahakala for world peace/healing)

Hopefully this will enlighten your mind, as it certainly has my own.



  2. Love these takes me to a inner calm place Thank you

  3. Love these takes me to a inner calm place Thank you

  4. Thank you Madame Angela. Do you have any of the throat singers or Indonesian bells? Both have the tendency to pull you in and help set you.

  5. (Brian)

    Here's some Mongolian throat singing, my old link for two Huun Huur Tu albums...