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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Been a while BUT

Finally I have fucking internet service, complete story to come, but MY part of the blog (thanks to everyone who helped out!) will be resuming soon WITH a slamming new guest contributor, Madame Angela who is a bad-ass in EVERY sense of the word..........thanks for sticking around, thatnks to EVERYONE who helped out (there were many!) (especially Brian and Jonder!), but I hope to get things back to normal (or BETTER than that!) by tomorrow! Thanks for visitiong!


  1. Good to see you getting back on-line. You bring a cool touch to the blog- not that it hasn't been run well in your absence!- that I've missed

  2. Also, let's get the hot chick back and dump Iggy's photos. Nothing wrong with Iggy, but you know...

  3. Great to have u back. Couldn't download the live quasi. If u can post some quasi that would be great