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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Brian resurrects High On Fire

(scott) and,  High on Fire deserve a resurrection.......a longtime hard-stoner-metal fave of mine, God
knows when I posted it, but it's still, in 2016, FUCKING BAD ASS and if you missed it the first time (hell the blog was likely in its infancy) no excuses this time. Great underappreciated stoner metal, please set volume to 11......

(Brian)-When I was clearing out old posts awhile ago, I tried very hard to check every link of a post to see if it was dead. And while I was diligent, there was one post I messed up - IDELETED a High On Fire post Scott had up a long time ago.  

I shouldn't have to tell you guys about this band; most of you should have this stuff. Born from the ashes of Sleep, this group has been at the forefront of modern metal to me for a long time. Des Kenzel's awesome, galloping kitWORK, Matt Pike's savage guitar tone, the overall crushing feel of it! While I think it technically describes another genre, the term Battle Metal was meant for High On Fire!

This is their albums from Surrounded By Thieves up to Snakes For The Divine. It's not to take away from their first disc, the amazing stoner classic The Art Of Self Defense - but that album was still beholden to Sleep's aesthetic, before HOF really came into their own. I've never really taken the time to absorb Snakes, either, but I've heard good things. And I just realized recently I've missed their last two albums, which were recorded with the great Kurt Ballou from Converge. I gotta get on that.

Surrounded and Blessed are two devastatingly good thrashers that are quite alike (in all the best ways), while Death Is This Communion showed an expanding of the sound, with some breathing room and texture. But it'll still cut your fuckin' head off!

I replaced Scott's Surrounded link. It was too teeny, and being my favorite, I couldn't have that. Crank "Hung, Drawn, and Quartered" for me!!!!

(Scott again), I'll add track lists-

SURROUNDED BY THIEVES-01 Eyes and Teeth/02 Hung, Drawn and Quartered/03 Speedwolf/04 The Yeti/05 Nemesis/06 Thraft of Caanan/07 Surrounded By Thieves/08 Razor Hoof

BLESSED BLACK WINGS-01  Devilution/02 The Face of Oblivion/03 Brother in the Wind/04 Cometh Down Hessian/05 Blessed Black Wings/06 Anointing of Seer/07 To Cross the Bridge/08 Silver Black/09 Sons of Thunder
DEATH IS THIS COMMUNION-01 Fury Whip/02 Waste of Tiamat/03 Death is This Communion/04 Khanrad's Wall/05 Turk/06 Headhunter/07 Rumors of War/08 Dil/09 Cyclopian Scape/10 Ethereal/11 Return to NOD

SNAKES FOR THE DEVINE-01 Snakes For the Divine/02 Frost Hammer/03 Bastard Samurai/04 Ghost Neck/05 The Path/06 Fire, Flood, and Plague/07 How Dark We Play/08 Holy Flames of the Fire Spitter/09 Mystery of Helm


  1. Surrounded By Thieves

    Blessed Black Wings

    Death Is This Communion

    Snakes For The Divine

  2. Request: has anyone come across a digital version of the Jeff McDonald (of Redd Kross fame) newly issued solo LP (available only on vinyl, I believe). Thanks much!

  3. Thanks for these LPs. Blessed Black Wings and Snakes for the Drive are down.

  4. Thanks for these LPs. Blessed Black Wings and Snakes for the Drive are down.