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Sunday, July 31, 2016

New punk from John N: The Wilful Boys

(scott) Listened to this one last night too, this fucker is a badass shot of pure punk rock. I'm getting terribly lazy, I guess, but I'm gonna attach a review to this one rather than write one, which is getting to be more and more of a habit, but, so it goes......good album, don't miss, and remember it's a NEW release 92016) and you know what that means, just in case, be quick, and be discreet....thanks John N!

Rock 'n' roll is ugly. If not, it's not rock 'n' roll. Hell, even when rock 'n' roll is pretty, it's ugly. For The Wilful Boys, rock 'n' roll is slammin' 40s in front of a righteous garbage fire. The New York band's debut album, Rough AsGUTS, lives up to its name, with one mud-crusted boot in '70s hard rock and another in punk-splattered '90s noise-rock. For all its twin-guitar riff grit, "621" sure does swing, courtesy of drummer Steven Fisher, who pulls double duty as a howler with an Australian drawl.

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