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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Brian - Welcome to the slightly thinner Growing Bored For A Living!

During Scott's downtime from the Internet, I wanted to do something good for the blog while I was at the wheel. So I went back - waaaay back, up to five years - and thinned out posts with dead links. When I started, Growing Bored was up around 1725 posts. I've managed to whittle it down to around 1050 posts. So, the blog is about a third smaller now. Thankfully, I got Scott's blessing, and I ran with it.

While having these posts around attracted hits, it also gave Scott headaches, like innumerable re-up requests. This was especially true of the "Best ____ Post Ever" and psych series posts.

We've had a definite increase in readership the last 6-10 months, and I wanted the daily read count to more accurately reflect what we have up, not what used to be. And rest assured, I wrote down everything that got deleted in a master list, should Scott get the urge to upload something again. Just don't ask him about the Hendrix!

So, I invite you to go way back in the blog and poke around. I haven't taken care of every dead post, but I've gotten many of them. There's still live links going all the way back to his Le Tigre post in early 2013.

Going through all that, I noticed some trends, and I have a pretty good sense now of what hasn't been posted around here. That's what I want to devote the next few months to: jazz, blues, soul, funk, etc. Basically, I'm gonna blacken things up around here! That's meant two ways, since we could use some far-out extreme metal too.

There will still be random cover projects and comedy, don't worry. Gonna get into soundtracks some more, too. You guys seemed to like that last batch. And the Big Guy should be getting his internet back soon, so things will resume en masse I'm sure.

And hey....if you guys do go way back and find something else that's dead, come back here and let me know, OK?


  1. Hello, Not quite sure what the rules around here are and if I should post dead links here or within the comments for the actual uploads... But just in case the following essential one's are all dead:

    Scars - The great compilation one

    Johnny Clarke Dreader Dread

    Various - Factory Product (and if you somehow actually own the Flower album (IT EXISTS - I have physically held it in my hands) PLEASE upload that! One of my two most sought after items)

    Metal Urbain - Un Bon Hippie Est Un Hippie Mort Bonus live album

    I am begging you to re-upload these please.


  2. (Brian here)

    I can't account for the other ones, but regarding the Metal Urbain - that was my post, and I only have the "Anarchy In Paris" CD. I used the "Un Bon Hippie..." poster in the post because I liked the statement.

  3. Oh. Was the bonus live album ("the funniest live album ever") that was next to the poster yours? That's the download I meant.

  4. Oh.... That album was Zappa's Live At Fillmore East. Not reposting that one.

  5. Ah ok. Good choice btw - I have every word on that album memorised ;-)

  6. Hi Brian, thanks for filling in (and more than ...) whilst Scott gets his life in order ... sigh! Meanwhile, the Scars comp came from me, so if it's not still on his/your hard discs, just get Scott to write to me and ask for me to send it over, or leave a comment here.

    Second up: a few presents for your hard work re-upping posts. I read above that you only have the Metal Urbain - Anarchy in Paris CD. Assuming you'd like more (I'm the proud owner of RT001 Paris Maquis bought way back then - IMHO the best punk track ever except the Pistols' I Wanna Be Me), here's what's around right now:

    - Metal Urbain - Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux, FLAC mega or filecloud links,, info here:;

    - Metal Urbain - Chef D'Oeuvre, a great new 2xCD comp with many unreleased 76/77/79 demos, WAV files, mediafire links,, info and full booklet here:;

    - Metal Urbain ‎– L'Âge D'Or, which includes live tracks, unfortunately only @128, mediafire link,, info here:

    - and, if you'd prefer a @320 rip of their first single Panik with full sleeve scans, go here: (this is that site's only 320 rip, other MUs are at much lower bitrates, so the CD version is better), mediafire link.

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  7. PS: For a vinyl rip (which has the right clout) of the Paris Maquis 7", see here:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

    1. (The REAL one!) Oh my god its DaveSez! How the hell are you my brother? Please don't be such a stranger, been missing you, my friend!

  8. Hi Dave, YES YES YES on everything. I used to have every single Metal Urbain and related release (on vinyl) until my ex wife stole it all many many years ago :-(

    And I have been looking for a comprehensive digital Scars comp since forever

    So both would be swank!

    Thanks, Mike

  9. Thanks for all the Metal Urbain, Dave! Looks like my Les Hommes Morts LP + 7" are worth $50 or so!

    I got the Scars tracks from Dave Sez -- LOVE the band, and I'd like to do a new Scars post. Hope you don't mind waiting a few days, Mike.

    The official Scars CD (which was compiled by their guitarist, Paul Research) is long OOP and $$$. Scars' bassist has a Youtube channel (Scoorieboy) with videos from back in the day, plus his homemade videos and their reunion show.

    Dave Sez and Vibracobra23 have posted Scars' two Peel Sessions, and I've got those files to share as well. Vibracobra23 is a fantastic Youtube channel of Peel Sessions.

  10. Nice to hear from you guys and, yes, jonder, Vibracom23 is a excellent source, also giving us MU's one and only Peel session (I think the only French band to record for him since Gong in the early 1970s?), so head over fast to ! And jonder, if you could get together a Scars post for us all, that would be great - I haven't got the official Scars CD, so would love that, and if you'd like to bung in the Scars tracks I put up, so much the better, saves me the effort! And hold on good, BigScott, things work out one way or another in the end ...

    Looking forward to the post when it comes, cheers Dave Sez.

  11. Ah, I see, jonder, by the "Scars' official CD" you mean the 2007 expanded re-release of Author! Author!, so I do have it and it's a cracker! The original unexpanded version is here @ 320: Meanwhile, here's the Scars on OGWT (live performance not lipsync playback):

    Cheers, Dave Sez.