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Monday, July 25, 2016

TV On the Radio Part 2

(Scott)-More great TV on the Radio from Jon S!

Dear Science (2008)

01 Halfway Home/02 Crying/03 Dancing Choose/04 Stork & Owl/05 Golden Age/06 Family Tree/07 Red Dress/08 Love Dog/09 Shout Me Out/10 DLZ/11 Lover's Day/12 Silence/13 Make Love All Night Long/14 Heroic Dose/15 Dancing Choose (Prefuse 73 remix)/16 Crying (Telepathe remix)/17 Shout Me Out (Willie Isz Remix by Jneiro Jarel)/18 Stork & Owl (Gang Gang Dance Remix)/19 Red Dress (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Munich 11/29/08

01 Young Liars/02 The Wrong Way/03 Wolf Like Me/04 Province/05 Shout Me Out/06 Red Dress/07 DLZ/08SATELLITE/09 A Method/10 Staring At The Sun

Sydney 1/24/09

01 Young Liars/02 The Wrong Way/03 Dreams/04 Golden Age/05 Wolf Like Me/06 Dirtywhirl/07 Shout Me Out/08 Dancing Choose/09 Red Dress/11 Let The Devil In/12 Staring At The Sun

Nine Types of Light (2011)

01 Second Song/02 Keep Your Heart/03 You/04 No Future Shock/05 Killer Crane/06 Will Do/07 New Cannonball Blues/08 Repetition/09 Forgotten/10 Caffeinated Consciousness/11 All Falls Down/12 Will Do (Switch Remix)/13 Will Do (XXXChange Dancehall Mix)

Ed Sullivan Theater NYC 4/14/11

01 Will Do/02 Young Liars/03 Dancing Choose04 Caffeinated Consciousness/05 Province/06 Red Dress/07 Blues From Down Here/08 Repetition/09 Wolf Like Me

There's a playlist on youtube of a complete TVOTR show in HD from 2011 you might want to check

Here's their take on the Ghostbusters theme song because you know you have to have it.

Splendour In The Grass Festival, Australia 7/26/13

01 Province/02 Young Liars/03 Mercy/04 Second Song/05 Wolf Like Me/06 Golden Age/07 Million Miles/08 Repetition/09 Staring at the Sun

Seeds (2014)

01 Quartz/02 Careful You/03 Could You/04 Happy Idiot/05 Test Pilot/06 Love Stained/07 Ride/08 Right Now/09 Winter/10 Lazerray/11 Trouble/12 Seeds

Austin City Limits Music Festival 10/3/15

01 Young Liars/02 Lazerray/03 Golden Age/04 Happy Idiot/05 Could You/06 Winter/07 Wolf Like Me/08 Trouble/09 Repetition/10 DLZ/11 Staring at the Sun


A couple of TVOTR odds and ends I almost forgot.

Kyp Malone put out a solo album with a band dubbed Rain Machine, with an album by the same name. It is really good and deserves a place in your TVOTRCOLLECTION.

Rain Machine - Rain Machine (2009) 

01 Intro/02 Give Blood/03 New Last Name/04 Smiling Black Faces/05 Driftwood Heart/06 Hold You Holy/07 Desperate Bitch/08 Love Won't Save You/09 Free Ride/10 Leave The Lights On11 Winter Song

And, Dave Sitek, guitar player and producer also put out a solo ablum under the name Maximum Balloon. He provided music and produced, and the singers were all guest artists.

Maximum Balloon - Maximum Balloon (2010)

01 Groove Me (feat. Theophilus London)/02 YoungLOVE (feat. Katrina Ford)/03 Absence Of Light (feat. Tunde Adebimpe)/04 If You Return (feat. Little Dragon)/05 Shakedown (feat. Kyp Malone)/06 Communion (feat. Karen O)/07 Tiger (feat. Aku)/08 The Lesson (feat. Holly Miranda)/09 ApartmentWRESTLING (feat. David Byrne)/10 Pink Bricks (feat. Ambrosia Parsley)/11 Lovely View (feat. Nayfo)/12 Quantum Exit/13 Groove Me (Jneiro Jarel Remix) (feat. Theophilus London)/14 Groove Me (Doman & Gooding Remix) (feat. Theophilus London)

Last, but not least, a great cover of Wolf Like Me by Lera Lynn

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