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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Welcome Madame Angela

(Scott)- I want to introduce all of you to not only our newest contributor, but also the true
love of my life Madame Angela.....

Hi everyone. I hope you enjoy my eclectic tastes and views onmusic. Today I give to you two discs of The Singing Bowls of Tibet..,,,,,these are albums of music for healing meditation. On the "Shangri la" disc, a couple of tracks which allegedly can assist with sinus problems.

The (copper) bowls are struck with a wooden rod to extract sound/noise. The rod then is run around the exterior of the bowl, the resulting sound is a result of the varying bowl sizes.

I hope you find these helpful/enjoyable because they have been very helpful to me. Here is an alternative way to health.

THEA SURASU-THE SINGING BOWLS OF SHANGRI-LA-01 Memories of Xanadu/02 Shambhalla//03 Symphony For Shangri La/04 Heartbeat Wisdom

BENJAMIN IOBST-SEVEN METALS SINGING BOWLS OF TIBET-01 Sound Meditation 01/02 Sound Meditation 02


  1. Thanks for the posts, Angie. Nice to meet you and welcome to the blog!

  2. BOWLS 1

  3. BOWLS2

  4. Thank you. I heard one once at a show/expo/market and was riveted

  5. Hello and welcome, Angela! I attended a beautiful performance of the Tibetan singing bowls last year.