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Friday, July 29, 2016

Jon S with R*d*o*e*d from, well, last night?

(scott)-Still not had a problem with this band, but Ive heard rumors so i still prefer not to spell their
name out on the blog........actually, too, it wasn't LAST NIGHT, but Wedensday night at Madison Square Garden.....still without question one of the great live bands on earth, hard to question that to me at least.......I think the set list is similar to the other that have been performed on the rest of this tour, but nothing really wrong with that, the music on this tour has been great thusfar, as it generally has been on ALL R*d*o*e*d tours. Thanks to Jon S for this one, I assume Dime a Dozen got it before we did, but I'd say we'll go into Avis mode here and say we try "harder".......and whom could doubt that we truly do?

Madison Square Garden 7/27/16

01 Burn The Witch/02 Daydreaming/03 Decks Dark/04 Desert Island Disk/05 Ful Stop/06 My Iron Lung/07 Climbing Up Walls/08 Morning Mr. Magpie/09 Pyramid Song/10 Bloom/11 Identikit/12 The Numbers/13 The Gloaming/14 Weird Fishes_Arpeggi/15 Everything in its Right Place/16 Idioteque/17 There There/18 Encore Break 1/19 Give Up The Ghost/20 Let Down/21 Present Tense/22 Planet Telex/23 Karma Police/24 Encore Break 2/25 Reckoner/26 Creep


  1. Can't believe they didn't play "Creep"! What's the point in not playing their best- by far- song?

    1. You might want to look again. Just skip to the last song on the list.