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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Brian - Some Comedy From the Murphy Boys

I wanna get some more comedy out there, and I want to do somebody's complete work for once. So, I present everything I have from the Brothers Murphy. Two of these I've put up before, but I've replaced those links with these ones.   

With Eddie, he's responsible for my love of standup comedy. I think I was 9 when I first saw his 1983 comedy special. As soon as I was old enough to find them, I had both of his cassette tapes. I must've played "Family Barbecue" hundreds of times. The files here also include his self-titled album from '82. These are classic comedy. Just try to glaze over the gay jokes.
In the last decade or so, Charlie has really taken up the mantle of being the funny one. Included here is the collection of his Chappelle Show stories (previously posted) as well as his only album I can find. The standup is great, though you can tell his voice was shot from touring. Both of these albums are in one file.
I said I was gonna "blacken" up the blog, and I guess nothing does it better than "Darkness!"...

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