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Friday, July 29, 2016

Kid Canaveral

(scott) John N comes through with another good recent release.....this time from Scottish alt-poppers Kid Canaveral's "Faulty Inner Dialogue".....I AM familiar with them, actually, no joke, my Mom was a fan and hipped me to their stuff, she (Mom) is gone now, but I KNOW she would have loved this disc, and I dedicate it to my gone-but-not forgotten and beloved mother.

Their sound reminds me a bit of an XTC had they been born of Scottland, which is high praise....I know my Mom had a couple singles and an EP or two, as well as the album "Shooting at Wildlife".....well, they may still be in her stuff in Arizona, I'm gonna call her husband and see, but I'm not expecting much......SO if "anyone" (HI JOHN N!) has any of the additional material, bring it out!

FAULTY INNER DIALOGUE-01 Gun Fhaireachdain/02 First We Take Dumbarton/03 Tragic Satellite/04 Ten Milligrams/05 Callous Parting Gift/06 Pail White Flower/07 Lifelong Crisis of Confidence/08 Listen to Me/09 From Your Bright Room/10 Twenty Milligrams/11 Lives Never Lived/12 Reel

Another good NEW album (you know "new"means hurry up, just in case).......MAN my Mom would have liked this one,  hope she can hear it wherever she is.

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