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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Studkid sends some more Ty!

(Scott)- Studkid has previously send us some fab works by the incredible Ty Segal, and here is the latest (from both Ty AND Studkid).....I've heard it, it's a good one, so do your self a favor and hear this one.

GOGGS-01 Falling In/02 Shotgun Shooter/03 She Got Harder/04 Smoke the Wurm/05 Goggs/06 Assassinate the Doctor/07 Needle Trade Off/08 Future Nothing/09 Final Notice/10 Glendale Junkyard

IMO Ty Segall may be the most underappreciated rock artist in the world at this moment, just my humble opinion.


Ty Segall seems to form new bands roughly as often as most folks do their laundry. This time its GØGGS, a punk/garage incarnation. This time I bow for the result.

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