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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Aiming to please times ten, for Pete, Hustler Comics!

Hey, I DO request it and if I can possibly get it up I will......longtime blogger mate Pete

Hustler Comics........great fucking stuff, I have 7 issues including the debut, ca. 1997......great, funny, filthy, classic, memorable, and a part of the American cultural landscape at that point in time. Please enjoy, and if offended, well, there is plenty more to see here, so please look around.......a lot of us like porn-type stuff around here (notably ME) and it's not going anywhere, along with music, books, comics, photo collections, your moms recipes (SERIOUSLY, always on the prowl for any escellent recipes), this is a blog that serves as a scrapbook of life, savor the parts you love, ignore any that you don't.
has made a request for some vintage Hustler Comics, and HERE THEY FUCKING ARE! Hustler magazine, at it's prime, was the ultimate in porn, GREAT stuff, lots of women making out with each other and reveling in their sexuality AS IT SHOULD BE, but, Hustler was also one of the all time greatest weapons of the army of the "freedom of Speech" crusade, in which I would (and somewhat have) dedicate my life to......EVERYONE has the right to their opinion.....we've been through it here before, but YES racists, and people who hate everyone else, and people who would KILL you or me
because they don't like our beliefs (Ruben Chandler if you read this please share your story (privately either in email or by phone, 937 206 9022), these people ALSO CAN SPEAK THEIR MIND, AND they can do it HERE......this is a place for EVERYONE to understand that their views are welcome, if they are unpopular, so be it, but the guy the other day worried that he was going to be called a "fag" because he stated he would prefer it if I did not use porn on my site.....well, I'm GOING to use porn......part of me, and it fits. This blog is more about life than music. If you don't appreciate it, PLEASE just skip the parts you don't care for. HOWEVER, we will ALSO not be tolerating, for example, anyone calling this man a "fag" or anything else, he just stated his preference......and it was taken with the respect I give anyone else's opinion.......ANYONE lowering themselves to childish, assinine name calling of anyone on this site, please take it somewhere may sepak your mind freely here, as long as you are respectful of everyone else.....if you don't like people of other races, or religions, or gender preferences, or whatever, you KNOW i support your right to think that way......BUT do NOT, on MY site, attack other readers by calling them names or whatever (and, to clarify, NO ONE has done that, just trying to nip this before it DOES happen).....

Really, isn't life simple when we take it on that level?

Thanks for being here, Love you all!


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