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Friday, July 29, 2016

Frankie and the Witch Fingers

(scott)-Here we have another John N submission, and another new one (2016) for your approval. I thought after listening, that the review sums it up pretty well, so I'll let Bandcamp or whomever it is tell you about it. I REALLY did enjoy it myself, thought it to be pretty's the review:

Frankie and the Witch Fingers are a swift kick in the ass for garage psych. Their hooks are sharper, thePRODUCTION isn’t vintage for the sake of vintage, and the recorded material captures the energy of the band’s eccentric live performances perfectly. That’s exactly what they do once again on their new album, Heavy Roller, due out July 29th via PermanentRECORDS.
Today, the Los Angeles psych rockers have teased the new album with its catchy lead single, “6,000 Horns”. TheTRACK recalls the kinetic unpredictability of Magical Mystery Tour, the raucousness of the Flamin Groovies, and the organized chaos of Captain Beefheart. EVEN the Heavy Roller RECORDsleeve screams Safe as Milk vibes). Guitars and organs bounce and dance, while Dylan Sizemore’s vocals drift away to the land of golden power-pop melodies. It’s a track that you think might go one way, but veers another — the loud and soft dynamics arranged for maximum shock and awe, like progressive rock without the heady pretense and overplaying.

HEAVY ROLLER-01 6000 Horns/02 Get Down/03 Need Somebody/04 Rise/05 Ice Cream Man/06 Mantra/07 Fuzz God/08 The Vibe/09  Don't Need Sleep/10 Merry Go Round

(Scott)-I really DO recommend this one as well......there is a misguided notion that there is no good rock being created in 2016. Utter nonsense. Look back through this blog, at the 2016 releases we've put up......gonna be damn near impossible to make a top-20 list this year, and it's not even august yet.........

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