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Friday, July 29, 2016

A bunch of John N stuff to kickoff (grrrrr, no football again this week) yr weekend

(scott) We're going to prep for the weekend with, at least at first, a ton of John N links, he sends me stuff nearly daily, some doesn't fit my ("ahem") format, but he has contributed some incredible, rare, valuable, and just plain musically fantastic albums to this cause and to my personal "worlds greatest CD collection"......he's a great contributor, and often I forget to credit him becauses often his links lap other people's....and that reminds me, this could happen to YOU too, if I forget to credit a submission, it's not personal or deliberate......I just get 100 plus links a day from various sources ( AND READ THIS CAREFULLY: I DONT WANT THEM TO STOP COMING OR EVEN SLOW DOWN).....sometimes I know say, a reggae post is most likely Cliffs, if it were the Monks of Tibet chantting, likely Madame Angela sent it, etc, but John N is so INCREDIBLY diversre with his selections that sometimes I lose track of the corresponding emails. If I forget to give credit, PLEASE let me know (any of you) and We WILL take care of it. Once my divorce is over with, Angie is going to help me get the blog more organized, we BOTH want it to be the best, of them all, and we have a things are looking up for the blog, and I for one am glad.

Lets start with a fab album from Electric Orange "Misophonia"......listened to this a few days ago, it's a current release (so you know that means look out and act fast, right?)....a fine step back in time to the fab sounds of 1970's vintage Krautrock, this release (Germany of course) adds a few modern touches and comes up as a tremendous know the style, the screaming keyboards, the tight rythem section, the long shifting tracks.....this is a winner. I know little about this band, John N says he'll send more for us next week or sometime, this is a really good one, I think.

MISOPHONIA-01 Organized Suffering/02 Bottledrone/03 Demented/04 Misophonia I/05 Shattered/06 Misophonia II/07 Opsis/08 Misophonia III.

Well, I find this tremendous, makes me uncomfortable to listen to, which is (for this type of music) a HUGE compliment (coming from me) best listened to as a whole, BUT if you must have a highlight, I'll go with the closer, Misophonia III.

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