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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Some Responses to Madame Angela's latest post

(scott) Responses from Madame Angela's Tibetan Monks post from Saturday......first Brian checks in with this :

Here's some Mongolian throat singing, my old link for two Huun Huur Tu albums...

(scott) And studkid surprises with a LARGE collection of "healing music", pretty cool!


Musicure from Niels Eje. A scientific approach to music healing

You can buy a pillow with speakers, to get the full effect of the music.

2003 - MusiCure 1. The Journey:!S84E1azC!MBl-l-lOPdB7LA0kTtgphw

2004 - MusiCure 3. Fairy Tales:!71pkRQqL!duTQVSx-4dzS-LEU-53jYQ

2004 - MusiCure 4. Northern Light:!u5BzSRSb!QBmW5W2CO_BhIlTE0BoBtA

2009 - MusiCure 9. Scandinavia:!Kpg3FZSZ!JHOP4-eTyz9hJi1KMzZ8qg

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  1. Couldnt get the link above to work but found this which seems to have all their albums enjoy