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Friday, July 29, 2016

Jon S with one I'm not familiar with, but sounds way cool

(scott)-Sometimes that darn Jon S slips one in like this, one I didn't even  have a clue existed......but, if
you read his brief description, you gotta agree with him that it sure SOUNDS great.....I have NOT got to hear this one yet, but, as with so many of Jon S' submissions, sounds rightup my alley (I was/am a HUGE fan of Echo & the Bunnymen) let's all get into this one together and see what it's all about......Jon S has yet to steer me/us wrong (not that ANY of the world's greatest all-star blogger team ever has/would, let me again proclaim my love for you/them!)

 Electrafixion is not Echo & The Bunnymen but it is Ian McCullough and Will Seargent at their best, and that means something. This is some good shit.

Electrafixion - Burned (1995)

01 Feel My Pulse/02 Sister Pain/03 Lowdown/04 Timebomb/05 Zephyr/06 Never/07 Too Far Gone/08 Mirrorball/09 Who's Been Sleeping in My Head?/10 Hit by Something/11 Bed of Nails

Electrafixion - Live Disc (1996)

01 Zephyr - Live/02 Feel My Pulse - Live/03 Lowdown - Live/04 Sister Pain - Live/05 Never - Live/06 Holy Grail - Live/07 Too Far Gone - Live/08 Burned - Live/09 Loose (live)/10 Who's Been Sleeping In My Head [Acoustic]/11 Sister Pain (acoustic)/12 Sister Pain - Edit

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  1. Would it be possible to re-up Electrafixion? I've been looking all over for Burned. The bonus disc looks great! Thanks.