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Friday, July 1, 2016

Pay attention... we're Wire!

Jonder again, with an update to a collection of Wire covers that I posted a few months back.  I promised another set, and I actually have FOUR in all.  Here's the second volume, and I'm reposting the first one.  A blog reader named Lewdd sent me a cover of "Mannequin" by the band Track The Curse -- thanks!!!  Another reader recommended the Wire covers by the Feelies, so I've got their take on "Outdoor Miner" today, and their performance of "Mannequin" coming up in Volume 3.  Wire continues as a band to play and record, and this year they released a mini-album called Nocturnal Koreans

WIRE COVERS I (repost)

01 BIG BLACK - Heartbeat/ 02 CEREMONY - Pink Flag/ 03 NEW BOMB TURKS - Mr. Suit/ 04 THOUSAND YARD STARE - Strange/ 05 DAG NASTY - 12XU/ 06 HENRIETTA COLLINS - Ex Lion Tamer/ 07 MONUMENT - Dot Dash/ 08 fIREHOSE - Mannequin/ 09 KUSTOMIZED - Surgeon's Girl/ 10 WAX IDOLS - Sand In My Joints/ 11 BAND OF SUSANS - Too Late/ 12 SCRAWL - Reuters/ 13 HEAVY FRIENDS - Mercy/ 14 CHARLES DE GOAL - A Question Of Degree/ 15 VALKYRIANS - I Am The Fly/ 16 KLONHERTZ - Impossible/ 17 HER - Champs/ 18 DYKEHOUSE - Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW/ 19 MONKS OF DOOM - The 15th/ 20 BLUE AEROPLANES - Outdoor Miner/ 21 LEMONHEADS - Fragile/ 22 NOUVELLE VAGUE - Marooned/ 23 SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS - Used To/ 24 GAZELLE TWIN - Heartbeat

WIRE COVERS II (new post)

01 DIVE - Heartbeat/ 02 FISCHERSPOONER - The 15th/ 03 LIGHTNING SEEDS - Outdoor Miner/ 04 MOOSE - Kidney Bingos/ 05 MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Map Ref. 41°N 93°W/ 06 TRACK THE CURSE - Mannequin/ 07 BAND OF SUSANS - Ahead/ 08 TRASH CAN SCHOOL - I Am The Fly/ 09 GODFLESH - 40 Versions/ 10 THERAPY? - Reuters/ 11 DIE KREUZEN - Pink Flag/ 12 MINOR THREAT - 12XU/ 13 aMINIATURE - A Serious Of Snakes/ 14 YO LA TENGO - Too Late/ 15 THE ANGRY ANGLES - The 15th/ 16 REM - Strange/ 17 LEE RANALDO - Fragile/ 18 THE FEELIES - Outdoor Miner/ 19 THE VACCINES - Mannequin/ 20 LOW - Heartbeat



    WIRE COVERS VOL. 2:!fdx3AbpI!PSKoNYysoxrN0H_cixHzcPJmgO-RNStPUgd2xfHsdM4

    Thanks to Grow Bored reader Lewdd (for the Track The Curse track) and to the blogs,,, and (Jumping Someone Else's Blog) for the songs that I borrowed from them.

    You can get the rest of "Real Cool Time: Feelies Covers, 1977-2011" at

  2. Nice Jonder. I don't know how you keep doing it. Looking forward to 3 & 4....

  3. Thanks! Covers are an obsession of mine, and I love to track them down. The first three Wire albums are so perfect that you might argue they shouldn't be covered at all. But to me, the ideal cover version puts a song in a new context that makes you think about the melody or the words in a different way, but is true to the spirit of the original. I love it when an artist makes a really inspired choice of a song to cover.

    A lot of these Wire covers are almost too faithful to the original songs. But I think it's powerful to hear "Reuters" sung by a woman, or to hear Wire's breakneck "Mr. Suit" slowed down but just as angry. I really like the ska version of "I Am The Fly" by Valkyrians, even though ska remakes can get old quickly. And the version of "A Serious of Snakes" reminded me of how funny those lyrics are! "You tulip, you pea-brained earwig!"