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Friday, July 29, 2016

TOTALLY FABULOUS-Boris "Pink" Deluxe edition, NOT to be missed

(scott)-Brian have you heard this one? (I know Brian is a big Boris fan)'s final John N
submission is a great one, the deluxe two disc reissue of the already a classic "Pink" from Japan's stoner rock legends Boris. This marks the tenth (!) anniversary of that fine album, let's look at it just a tiny bit before we move on to something else, but you, chances are, already know if you want this slamming slab (two of em actually) of Japanaese brain-twisting stoner rock.

OK, the first, original album, "Pink" was a drop-dead classic, marred only by some song titles that my computer cannot replicate,( I'll put up the English translations when I have them).....if you've never heard it, here's your chance, one of the great albums of its decade (00's)......this is a classic, glad we can run it back out there again

PINK (DISC 1)-01 Farewell/02 Pink/03 Woman on the Screen/04 Nothing Special/05 Blackout/06 Electric/07 Psuedo-Bread/08 Afterburner/09 Six, Three Times/10 My Machine/11 Just Abandoned Myself

So, Scott, what are the highlights? Lowlights? the sum of the parts? Nope. Not gonna do it.....simply stated, other than perhaps Eternal Elysium's "spiritualizeD" album, "Pink" by Boris is the ultimate statement in Japanese stoner rock. Period.

Now, we have an anniversary additional disc, ("Forbidden Songs") which as I read is comprised of other compositions from the same era......carpet bomb listened only, but great and great from what I did listen don't be a square, yo, get your Boris on RIGHT NOW........hell maybe you are unfamiliar and this might turn you onto them and their other KICK ASS albums ("Amplifier Worship", "Smile" "Absolutego").......they've been posted here before, I doubt the links are good any longer, but if enough of you show interest, I'll put up the rest of what I got from this killer band (I don't have it all, but Brian has some too, so maybe we can make a decent effort at a semi-comprehensive post IF THERE IS DEMAND as I know there i that little annoying prejudice against this stuff sometimes, as I've discussed before).

PINK (DISC 2)-01 Your Name Part 2/02 Heavy Rock Industry/03 SOFUN/04 Non-Sha-Lant/05 Room Noise/06 Talisman/07 NF Sorrow/08 Are You Ready/09 Tiptoe

From what I've heard, at least, these bonus tracks are great as well......thanks so much to John N for this fabulous anniversary creation, (listen carefully) i want anyone unfamiliar with Boris to check out this amazing record, i mean, record"s" now, this is a classic of stoner rock, and it is now better.....if you are not a Boris fan, and this doesn't make you one, it's just not gonna happen.


  1. D1

  2. D2

  3. These are the titles I have for Disc 1

    01 Farewell
    02 Pink
    03 Woman on the Screen
    04 Nothing Special
    05 Blackout
    06 Electric
    07 Pseudo-Bread
    08 Afterburner
    09 Six, Three Times
    10 My Machine
    11 Just Abandoned My-Self

  4. nice.... thanks!