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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Black Marble Selection

John N sends these EP's and they are great, super retro-nugget rock, some heavied up to good effect.......We have a 1 track single ("On the Road") with some good harp, then we have a pair of EP's , a self titled on from 2014, and 2015's "Under Her Spell".........Black Keys meet Miracle Workers, perhaps? Works for me, and if you like the music we try to share here, I can't imagine you not liking these.

1 TRACK SINGLE-01 On the Road

SELF TITLED EP-01 The Great Escape/02 Journey Through Sound/03 In the Latest of Hours/04 Everyday/05 Untaught Lessons

UNDER HER SPELL-01 Again and Again/02 Peace of Mind/03 Modified Madness/04 Took My Time/05 Under Her Spell/06 Birds of Paradise/07 Effortless Progress/08 No better Place/09 Ain't No regular Joe/10 Foxy Tails

Fab stuff, really!

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